Iron Gods

Character Creation

Iron Gods Player’s Guide

20 Point Buy as lain out in the Core Rule Book/SRD

Any class published through the Pathfinder line, along with the psionic classes from Dreamscarred press. Races outside of core will be on a case by case basis.

Starting Gear
150 in gold to buy equipment with. Anything on the SRD that isn’t third party is fine. Crafting feats allow the purchase of appropriate magic items for the crafting price. Possessing the Craft skill allows the purchase of appropriate mundane and alchemical items at half price.

Hit Points
Starting with max at first level and gain half rounded up per level afterward.

One campaign trait, two other traits from the SRD. The two noncampaign traits must be of separate types.


What exactly are the campaign traits? because I cant find em anywhere.

Character Creation

They’re in the Iron Gods Player’s Guide, free download from Paizo (which everyone should be basing their character knowledge on).

I’ll cut and paste them into the wiki.

Character Creation

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