amiable arsonist and metal detector


A 3ft nothing kobold with crimson scales that char to black toward their edges, a twitchy nervous energy and a faint smell of inflamable chemicals.

Firebomber [1st]


  • Light Sensitivty
  • Dragon-scaled
  • Favored Class


  • Local Ties
  • Firebug
  • Smoke Resistant


  • Run


  • Acrobatics [+4]
  • Appraise [+7]
  • Craft (alchemy) [+8]
  • Disable Device [+8]
  • Know (engineering) [+4]
  • Know (nature) [+7]
  • Stealth [+11]


  • Ant Haul
  • Bombers Eye
  • Detect Metal
  • Polypurpose Panacea
  • Recharge Innate Magic

Name: Jaxo Shafaer Ixen
Scale Color: Red
Personality: Curious/Obsessive
Quirk: Charred Scales
Habit: Fidgets
Keepsake: Heatstone

Having envagled his way into Torch thanks to his fire-proof scales and indifference to smoke, he found work as a foundry hand. While his ability to detect the amount of skymetal in scrap won him grudging acceptance from some, his ongoing feud with the gnome junkmaster Garrit Burrwaddle has exhasperated more.

After initial attempts to study the Torch fire came to nothing, he embarked upon a campaign of invasive interest in Khonnir Baine’s work. Finally the wizard agreed to tutor the persistent nuisance if only to get some peace. He sleeps in the comfortable heat and gloom of the Foundry Tavern, keeping away from the other patrons.


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