Diana Zarhkov

Engineer first. Warrior second.



Built like she’s been on steroids for years, this behemoth of a woman towers at 6’-2" with the weight to match, and every inch says that trouble happens to other people. In studded black leathers with a partly shaved head, her image practically screams she-bitch. That fluffy black hair is shaped in a most feminine of mohawks. Were it not for her perfect elven bone structure and gently pointed ears, she might be mistaken for a half-orc that got a heavy dose of human. As it is, her elven features look incongruous if not entirely out of place on her body-builder’s physique.

Across one shoulder, she wears a bandoleer made of some sort of black lizard and over that same shoulder can be seen the hilt of the silvery greatsword she wears across her back. The leathers she wears encases her body, leaving only her arms and upper chest bare. The rest of the dulled, black armor lays tight against her body with heavy black boots to complete the look. Twin to her bandoleer, she wears a black lizard scaled belt with an enormous silver buckle. Other metal sparkles on her outfit, breaking up matte black in simple patterns.

She moves with a level of confidence, quite different with the feigned swagger of armed those looking to show off. It’s as if she once asked herself /who am I? why am I here?/, promptly answered, then thought no more about it.


Diana Zarhkov

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