Alignment: CN
Notable Settlements: Aaramor (1,490), Castle Urion (1,240), Dravod Knock (1,288), Kuratown (240)
Races and Monsters: Dwarves, hill giants, hobgoblins, humans, mutants, robots
Resources: Fish, skymetal, technology

A hazardous wasteland, the Felldales occupy the region of Numeria most heavily bombarded by the Rain of Stars. A thin strip of arable land clings to the West Sellen River, and a few hardy souls have managed to carve what might optimistically be called “civilization” from its soil, but the bulk of the region is a blasted wilderness of crags, ravines, and badlands infested with countless life-threatening hazards. In addition to robotic and alien horrors, the influence of radiation, biological contaminants and engine waste has twisted what little life that exists there into terrifying parodies of their natural forms.


Places of Note


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