Sellen Hills

Alignment: CN
Notable Settlements: Chesed (59,690 ), Chitterhome (1,764), Sunder Horn (1,249)
Races and Monsters: Giants, humans, megafauna, orcs, ratfolk, spine dragons
Resources: Iron, skymetal, technology

One might mistake the Sellen Hills for an uninhabited region, but this would be folly. This fierce and savage countryside is the home to many of Numeria’s barbarian tribes. These Kellids are mostly nomadic and roam the surroundings at will, sometimes across the borders into the River Kingdoms and beyond. River traffic is almost constant up and down the Sellen River from Ha oth Hakados to the great city of Chesed. The streams of soldiers and crusaders heading north mostly keep the Technic League at bay, but even though it has little power here, the League’s presence can still be felt.


Places of Note

Sellen Hills

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