Sovereigns Reach

Alignment: CE
Notable Settlements: Graymoor (516), Lackthroat (1,940), Starfall (32,400)
Races and Monsters: Androids, giants, humans, orcs, robots
Resources: Skymetal, technology

The geographic and political center of Numeria lies in Sovereign’s Reach, in the nation’s capital of Starfall. Very little outside of Starfall, Silver Mount, or the small communities of Graymoor and Lackthroat receive direct oversight – but then, there is little to oversee on the dead plains of Numeria’s heart. Still, explorers arrive daily, hoping to strike it rich by finding new technologies hidden in Sovereign Reach’s ruins. The Technic League is well aware of this, and tasks loyal agents and robotic minions with keeping unwanted intruders at bay. It is a testament to the Technic League’s might and ruthlessness, that so few explorers leave Numeria with more than grievous wounds, dead allies, and a handful of silverdisks.


Places of Note

Sovereigns Reach

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