Cyrus Copperclaw

Dwarven metal loving warpriest


Tall for a dwarf he stands at 4 and a half feet tall, his smiths muscles bulge underneath his scale armour. His face is tanned from a century near a forge and the only hair on his head is a copper coloured beard. His eyes are gold and slitted like a dragons a sign in his family of good fortune. He carries a dwarven longaxe on his back and a warhammer in his belt.


  • strength 16
  • dexterity 12
  • constitution 14
  • intelligence 12
  • wisdom 14
  • charisma 10
  • Fortitude 4
  • Reflex 1
  • Will 4

Blessing: Artifice
Focus Weapon: Warhammer


  • Slow and Steady
  • Darkvision
  • Craftsman
  • Sky Sentinel
  • Hardy
  • Stability
  • Weapon Familiarity


  • Common
  • Dwarven
  • Terran


  • Weapon focus Warhammer
  • Technologist


  • Skymetal smith
  • Blood of Dragons
  • Guardian of the forge


  • Craft Weapons 5
  • Heal 6
  • Knowledge history 6

From a long line of master smiths who somewhere in the past had a child with a copper dragon which is when they gained the clan name copperclaw. He was the first dwarf born in torch and has worked with skymetal all his life and is in love with its power, uniqueness and strength. His dream is to someday be more metal then man and has looked into ways of doing so. his hobbies include tinkering with alloy ideas and working in his grandfathers forge. his father and mother had died in one of the flares of purple flame from the top of black hill. his grandparents raised him his grandfather teaching him the ways of the warrior and forge while his grandmother showed him the path of Torag. Deemed frivolous by visiting dwarves for his by their standards dreamer like personality he ignores them and holds true to himself.
Quote: By the dragons hoard!

Cyrus Copperclaw

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