Lucia Vonn

Human Fighter


A tall (5’10") dark haired woman surprisingly strong for her slender build. She has dark eyes and vaguely elven features including the distinctive ears. Her elven blood, however, is so far removed that she exhibits no other traits from that heritage.

She wears a chain shirt, large wooden shield, and a longsword on her hip. Her traveler’s outfit of a dark woolen skirt, high heavy boots, a short leather jacket, gloves, and an autumn colored cloak. A small wooden symbol of Iomedae dangles from a thin chain about her neck.

She wears a backpack while traveling.


Suspicious of robots and trained to dispatch them
Professional soldier
Intimidating demeanor
Diplomatic when necessary
Shrewd judge of character
Field capable

Reaching up to touch the tattoo on her cheek, she replied, “I don’t know what it is. Let’s just say that I don’t drink a much as I used to.”

Lucia Vonn

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